Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

avoid overeating

Basics of How to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

The holidays are usually a time when many people engage in social contexts that might encourage for extra ordinary eating or overeating. While individuals often survive the holidays with only a small weight gain, overeating in December is quite unhealthy like it is at less festive times of year, and should be avoided.

Here are some tips on how to avoid overeating and remaining healthy through the holiday parties, family dinners, work events, and snacking during downtime at home:

Maintain – on step up – your current exercise regime. If you are going to eat more, you need to exercise more in order to have the same results. During the holiday season, it is easy to overlook exercising, but it is important to fit the time into your schedule. Set requirements and goals for yourself. Or, if you really don’t have the time, try and fit exercise into your daily activities, for example when going shopping, park as far from the door as possible and take the stairs instead of escalator.

Don’t fast before a party. The biggest mistake people will make is that they will skip meals and starve themselves all day before a holiday meal or party. This can lead to an over consumption of calories and a decrease in metabolism. Rather, take the time to savor the food and enjoy it in moderation. Also, being hungry can cause feelings of drowsiness and can make you crabby, which no one likes to be at a party.

Eat smart before a party. Before a party or meal, eat high-fiber foods. Fiber helps you to feel full, and if you aren’t feeling so hungry, the chances are less that you will overeat at the event.

Drink water. Continuously drinking water throughout the night of a holiday meal or party has several benefits. Mild dehydration can feel like hunger, and the best way to avoid becoming dehydrated to drink plenty of water – so water can inhibit the feelings of hunger. Also, you can also use water to slow down your eating by taking a sip or two between bites. Lastly, water can also aid to slow down your alcohol consumption as well.

Keeps healthy snacks with you. At work, or at a party, you’ll be more prepared to resist the high-calorie holiday treats brought in by co-workers and friends if you have a healthy alternative on hand. These treats are always tasty but rarely healthy. Snack on nuts, raisins, fresh fruit or energy bars instead so that your snack calories provide you with good nutrition.

Pace yourself. Before going for second helpings, give your brain some time for the chance to signal the information to your stomach that it is full – which can take up to 20 minutes. Also, eating too fast can upset your stomach and lead to feelings of discomfort.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Eat small amounts of the holiday treats you love, so you don’t feel deprived. Examine the serving table before you pick your food, and decide which thing you would love to enjoy – rather than stuffing yourself full of food you only kind of like. Then, you can fill the rest of your plate healthy vegetables and fruits, whole grain crackers, cheese, and lean meats.

The holidays are a season filled with festivities, parties, and work and family gatherings. It’s easy to give yourself a “license to eat” during these times, but remember with proper planning and preparation, you can enjoy the holiday treats this season without having to make too many New Year’s Resolutions afterward. Also – if you do slip up, try not be too upset. As every day is a new opportunity to start a healthy meal plan!


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