best cardio equipment for home


There is a lot of cardio exercise equipment at home; among them the treadmill and exercise bike are the most popular. Beyond these, the most dependent on personal choice, which must go hand in hand with security, sustainability and effectiveness of the training?

The fitness equipment for home is ideal for keeping boredom away, but it is necessary that you focus on the exercises without is distracted by something else. It can become a pleasant and enjoyable routine.

At first, train with a heart rate monitor or display the calorie counter can be interesting. Here we should look at how these two devices help ward off boredom.

Treadmill against boredom

Walking on a treadmill even at different speed levels may not sound too appealing and entertaining.

But if the treadmill provides an inclination, things change, giving the feeling of walking on a slope, which creates a sense of defiance rather than fun. But on a treadmill you cannot read a book or flipping through a magazine, because the eyes cannot focus on the words, in all of this up and down.

But on the treadmill you can watch a show or a good movie on TV, when placed in front of the TV. Obvious that the disadvantages from commercials, from machine noise are tolerated.

Exercise bike against monotony

The exercise bikes have the advantage of being programmed with different routines. Not to press the button and change positions, an operator can stress different features to run, ride uphill or otherwise.

Programs can also be selected at random, with no indication of the next session, thus maintaining the increasingly high attention, with no possibility of distractions. Some exercise bikes are compatible with systems and dispositive TV and video, making it possible to watch video games and ride through interactive visual courses.

But the upright bike makes it impossible to concentrate on reading. The recumbent exercise bike allows operations without hands so that you can hold in your hand a book, the controller for video games or mobile phone.

The multi process reduce boredom and allows you to keep up with their schedule of exercises. The exercise bike is made for longer operations than the treadmill. As to the consumption of calories, the experiments show that almost all the machinery for exercises allow him in different proportions; so, you can consume 750 calories per hour on the treadmill, compared to 550 the exercise bike.

This does not mean that the treadmill has an edge of the stationary bike, for the only reason that makes you burn more calories. It might be difficult to maintain a sustainable program of long duration on a treadmill, while you can spend more time on the exercise bike, encouraging the consumption of more calories.

One may have difficulty maintaining a longer training program and adjust on an exercise machine. It would be easier to follow a training program in equal proportions between the treadmill and exercise bike. Although the treadmill face burns more calories in a shorter time, you might find boring.

In the case of the exercise bike, the calorie consumption can be lower, but it is a type of exercise more sustainable long term.


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