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Cauliflower – Benefits, nutrition facts and how to eat (recipes)

Cauliflower is an excellent vegetable to fight and prevent various health problems. cauliflower nutrition can help prevent cancer. That’s it! Some types of cancer cannot be used in people who consume cauliflower frequently. The advantages that this food brings us are numerous!
cauliflower nutrition contains sulforaphane, a compound of sulfur, it becomes a good ally against certain types of cancer. By eating cauliflower, you will avoid prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma and oesophagus.
According to studies, sulforaphane can also help, and many, to improve the health of the heart, taking care of the blood vessels. A study under development aims to ensure that cauliflower nutrition can prevent infarction.


Some of the nutrients found in cauliflower are:

Vitamin C;
Vitamins B5, B6 and B9;
Vitamin K.
In addition, it contains an antioxidant substance that prevents the person from suffering from food poisoning.

The overall nutrient density index (ANDI) indicates that cauliflower is one of the top 20 nutrient-rich foods but in small quantities. And the nutritional value does not change much when you choose how to eat cauliflower – whether cooked, salad (raw) or even puree.
It is very important that you pay attention to the colour and the size of the cauliflower, before buying to consume it, because if it presents a doubtful colouring, all the advantages that the vegetable possesses can be returned to something of bad for your body.

To buy the vegetable, look for fresh foods. Take the cauliflower to see if it is firm or dry, check its colour (it cannot have yellow or brown spots) and see if the leaves are green.

To prevent your food from mixing or spoiling after purchase, store it in the refrigerator in a plastic wrapper, preferably with a vent inside the package so that cauliflower does panic not.


By portion% VD
Energy 13.8 kcal –
Carbohydrates 2.7 g 0.9%
Food fibre 1.44 g 5.76%
Total Fat 0.12 g 0.22%
Protein 1.14 g 1.52%
Sodium 1.8 mg 0.08%
There are several recipes that you can prepare for consumption. We will highlight the most popular recipes of Brazilians, consumers of cauliflower.

Ingredients of cauliflower.

1 medium cauliflower;
1 cup of cottage cheese;
2 eggs;
50 g grated cheese;
200 g of mozzarella;
Green odour (will);
1 chopped tomato;
Marguerite spread.

How to Cook the cauliflower with a little salt until it is very smooth;
Then drain the water and place it in a spread of margarine;
Add the cottage cheese (with scattered tablespoons) and beat the eggs with the grated cheese, the green scent and the tomatoes;
Then play the beaten eggs on the cauliflower, in shape. Cover with mozzarella cheese, place the rest of the grated cheese and put in the oven to grill;

Serve forward.

1 cauliflower;
2 tablespoons of butter;
2/3 cup of milk;
1/4 cup cottage cheese;
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese;
2 tablespoons green onion;
Go taste.
How to

Wash the cauliflower well and cut it into small bunches.
Then, in a medium saucepan, put enough water to cover it, and then hope to start boiling and cook until soft;
Then drain the water well;
In the blender, beat the cauliflower, butter and milk until you can leave the mixture as a creamy mash;
Place in a jar, adding cottage cheese and salt and stirring to form a smooth cream;
Place everything in a piece of glass and you are ready to eat it.
You like? Leave your recipe tips in comments.

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