Counseling for psychological and physical health in a minute

counselling mental and physical health

Everyone is concerned about health problems like heart disease or cancer. But sometimes the effort we make to avoid it is by far not as expected.

May not need to think about complicated things simple and fast you do to stay healthy and relaxed thinking. In this case, the shape of the older people for your health within 1 minute or less given to improve.

Embrace your partner
New research shows that the more comfortable with your partner, then you are giving a greater sense of relaxation for body and mind. Feeling good is to receive love from hugging each other.

A recent study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine showed signs. For every time it was reducing cortisol, a hormone released during stress, the body percent to about 7.

Eat chocolate
Still feeling guilty about eating chocolate? It is not necessary, because according to a recent study by the University of Northumbria, UK, rich chocolate flavonoids, which help the blood flow to the brain. Chocolate is also rich in flavonoids, which the body repair damage and fight toxins, improve memory, fight fatigue, and helps the body in the tasks that are challenging mentally.

Listening to music

Next time, if you’re in a stressful situation, for two headphones to listen to your favorite songs. According to a recent study by the Cleveland Clinic, the music can lower blood pressure and stress.


If the stress is actually laughter the best medicine. Laughter can increase energy, relieve pain, improve immune function and muscle tension.

“Get that stupid screen saver. Rent a funny movie when I get home. Stop to think about things too seriously!” Says Alice Domar Ph.D., director of the Center for Mind / Body Health at Beth Israel Women Deaconess Medical Center.

Brisk walking the dog

Man’s best friend more than a companion of his life is today, but also pets. “Brisk walking or walking around the block from his house is a great form of gentle exercise for the legs, increased serotonin and dopamine, the nerve transmitter, pleasant and relaxing,” Blair Justice, PhD, professor of psychology at the University School says of Public Health in Texas.

Take a deep breath

Improving the health and happiness to simply breathe deeply. Breathing benefit digestive process improvement, fitness and mental health, energy, and increase relaxation.

Eat an apple

This fruit is rich in nutrients is an important addition to any diet. Apples are rich in antioxidants, fiber and flavonoids, apples help support the health of the heart and keep the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body under control.


According to a recent study at Columbia University, a smile to stress. If you feel tense and nervous anxiety attack, you take the time to relax and smile.

“If you reduce the rate of respiration and alter the expression, you can reduce stress,” says Mark Stibich PhD, consultant to the Columbia University.

Start your day with flowers
During the daily routine can reduce energy and our views on life, even before the weekend comes, research shows that flowers are the answer. According to a recent study by Rutgers University, flowers promises longevity, positive effects on mood and energy may even reduce depression and anxiety. How to smell flowers in colors or smell certainly bring a sense of calm.


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