does diet pepsi contain aspartame

pepsi asparteme

Aspartame in Diet Pepsi soda

In 1963, Pepsi, as one of the biggest carbonated soft drink companies in the world, released their new product for people who love drinking soda but having problem with diabetes. During that time, people in the United States were aware that they needed to change their way of life because lots of people were having problem and even died because of diabetes. The name of the product was Diet Pepsi and it became the first soft drink with less sugar in the product. The Pepsi Company changes the sugar with other ingredients with less glucose so people with diabetes are still able to enjoy the soft drink.

The Ingredient of Diet Pepsi used to replace the sugar

Before Pepsi started to make Diet Pepsi, all soft drinks were using sugar on their products and this was not good because people with high sugar level on their body could not drink the soda and it also could cause weight problem. After Diet Pepsi was released to the market, lots of people were happy because they could enjoy the soft drink without worried on the effect of the drink. So when people with diabetes problem change their menu, they are still able to put the soft drink on the menu because for some people, soft drink is their part of life and it is hard to stay away from it. To change the sugar, Pepsi Company uses the sweetener and sugar replacement ingredient calls aspartame. Lots of soft drink and soda companies in the world use aspartame for their products. Aspartame can produce the sweet taste just like sugar. When Pepsi used aspartame for their Diet Pepsi product for the first time in the past, FDA, as a food control institute, had already approved it. Nowadays, when lots of people are aware that aspartame is dangerous, the FDA decision to let Pepsi use aspartame becomes such as a big question.

New sweetener to replace Aspartame

When people finally realize that aspartame is not good for their body, people start to push Pepsi Company to not use it on all their products anymore. People keep complaining that aspartame is a bad choice to replace sugar because not only it can cause cancer, but it can also decrease the quality of human gen. The main purpose of diet Pepsi is to let people with diabetes to drink their product but now it is more dangerous than the sugar itself. Finally, Pepsi Company makes a huge decision and stop to use aspartame for their diet Pepsi product and replace the sugar with another sweetener which is friendlier to human body. The material to replace aspartame for their product is Sucralose but Pepsi Company still refuses that aspartame can cause cancer but they change it because their customers want it. Pepsi wants to appreciate their loyal customers concern about their ingredients and are willing to change the ingredients of their diet Pepsi. To avoid more suspicion about aspartame, Pepsi releases the statement from the European food safety institute which is stated that aspartame is not dangerous and it cannot cause cancer and reduce the quality of the human gen.


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