Eat Away Your Pain: 3 Diet Tips for Pain-relief

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Eat Away Your Pain: 3 Diet Tips for Pain-relief

Paracetamol and Ibuprofen may not be the best solution to pain. In fact, a much safer and healthier way to aid pain relief is a balanced, nutritious diet. Small changes to the diet can make a huge difference to pain treatment, speeding up the process and giving better results.  A diet plan for pain can help with recovery and rehabilitation after surgery as well as chronic pain relief.

A nutritionist for pain will help you with a diet plan specific to your needs. However, there are three general rules for a diet plan for pain:

Increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods

These are primarily foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. These long chain fatty acids are found in oily fish such as salmon, avocado and nuts, in particular walnuts. In addition, studies have found that onion has significant anti-inflammatory qualities as it inhibits the activity of micro-phages that trigger pain and swelling.

Reduce omega-6 fatty acids in the diet

These are pro-inflammatory and include foods such as refined carbohydrates, sugar and corn-oils which you are better off without. This can easily be achieved by swapping white rice and bread for brown, corn-oil for extra-virgin olive-oil or flax-seed oil and butter for margarine.

Eat more protein

protein is essential in the diet for the growth and repair of cells. So instead of eating bowls of pasta, try lentil stews instead which will help you to fill up on protein and not just pure carbohydrate.

Improving your diet is a safe and therapeutic way to aid the natural healing process and reduce inflammation. Not only will these small steps benefit pain-relief,  they also come with a huge range of benefits for your overall health- so you have nothing to lose!


  1. This whole discussion began with a focus on improvement methods. And a number of methodologies that have come, gone and hung around for the last 50 years were discussed. I think to some degree we are getting lost in the weeds and missing what is most important.


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