Fat loss

fat loss

A Beginner’s Guide to Fat Loss

For some, fitness brings the desire to reduce the unwanted body fat accumulated and carried across the body. Those who make the effort of getting in shape and reducing body fat know the difference it can create in health as well as looks. Besides reducing the chances of heart disease, stroke, and many other ailments, working towards the goal of reducing accumulated body fat allows the enthusiast to obtain a better body and level of confidence in knowing that he, or she, is in a better position than a recorded 60% of the lazy American populous.

Choosing a fat reducing fitness routine can be very difficult when you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. This lesson contains the information needed on what the body requires in order to start melting away those unwanted pounds and start building confidence and self satisfaction.

In general, the belief is that in order to lose fat, the body must burn more calories than it takes in. However, the sad thing is that this can be done safely or dangerously with the latter being the most performed. In truth, the body does not need hours of vigorous exercise combined with starvation in order to burn fat. In actuality, it requires a routine designed to give maximum calorie utilization by putting the body in the metabolic zone.

For the beginner, this is best achieved from both a cardio AND weight training routine. Forget what you have been told, weight lifting in general does not create a body builder muscle structure. The routine outlined below employs weight training to tone the bodys muscles and increase long term calorie expenditure.

Cardio – Treadmills and stationary bikes work best for this routine. However, treadmills generally yield greater results.

This routine is also referred o as High Intensity Interval Training as is highly recognized by fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

  1. Warm up Phase In order to reduce pain and avoid injury, begin jogging or biking at a slow pace. Continue this pace for 5 minutes.
  1. High Intensity – Step up the pace to about 85% of your ability for a time period of 30 seconds.
  2. Low Intensity – reduce your speed to a walking pace, at about 25% effort, and maintain for 1.5 minutes

Continue the alternating of high intensity and low intensity for a period of 30 minutes in order to optimize calorie expenditure and reduce the risk of injury.

The journey to fat loss is long and hard, so please do not become discouraged if results are not immediate. As with anything done properly, it takes time. If done properly and consistently, your body will begin to show results that will change you emotionally as well as physically. Physical fitness is the road to a healthier more confident you, so work hard and success will soon be yours!


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