Healthy Muscle Building Diet

healthy muscle building diet

Healthy Muscle Building Diet – That Word Diet Scares Me How About You?

When you hear the term diet does it scare you? Most of us think it means eating less food then what are bodies need to function. This is no diet it’s starvation.

The term diet to me means changing my bad food choices for healthier food choices not less food.

Some people choose a diet of fast food, ice cream, pizza. My weakness potato chips and Milky Way candy bars. And I want to be a bodybuilder LOL, I have plenty of muscle to show off but you can’t see it because of all the fat in my upper body.

To g this I’m going to change what I eat but also increase my calorie intake to adjust for the hunger feeling and not the feeling of starvation. I know everyone says drink lots of water; well I already do that almost a gallon a day that does not solve the starvation feeling.  So for a healthy diet I will learn to eat better food but not limit my food intake.

Stuffing me at every sitting is not what I have in mind; I have to learn to balance my meals with a mixture of low carb foods, carbohydrates for energy, protein for strength and lean fats. The guide I will follow 2:2:1 or 2 carbs: 2 proteins: 1 fat.

Now I do workout, cardio and weightlifting in the morning if you are reading this and not exercising then this you need to change this. I have changed my weightlifting schedule and adjusted it so I have more cardio time, will also start a cardio session at night.

I’m going to try and follow a Bodybuilders diet but work into it slowly at first. Six smaller meals a day instead of my usual 3 a day.

My current eating habits consist of: I start my morning off after my workout with a bowl of oatmeal, 3 wedges of Cantaloupe and a protein drink. Next meal 6oz to tuna nothing in the tuna, raw broccoli and some turkey. As you can see I have some decent eating habits to start but then it goes haywire when I hit dinner. A big meal plate is full followed by 4 Milky Way candy bars. No more meals after that just mooching on potato chips. So I will need to find a better snack food and add in a couple meals at night.


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