How Many Calories Are In An Apple

how many calories in an apple

Knowing about how many calories are in an apple can be such the good beginning for you to start enjoying this kind of fruit regularly. Of course, almost all of us have been familiar with this fruit and many of us often heard that apple is such a good friend for people who want to lose their weight and also for them who want to boost their health condition. That is a good idea if you are in such the way on having a problem of the weight which is over than normal. In fact, apple consists of a bunch of good things, as like rich of antioxidants, low of calories, rich of vitamins, and also sources for some needed minerals. That is why many people said that consuming an apple everyday will help us to get away from diseases. That is a good point for us, we can help improving the health of the body and of course we also can go getting the best idea on dealing with the overweight problems by consuming apples regularly. Sure, we need to know about the facts regarding to apply first. That is a good way to boost our spirit to consume this fruit regularly as way to maintain our health and also to burn fat effectively.

Positive Facts about Calories in an Apple

There are some positive facts which we can understand about an apple. The first is about the answer about how many calories are in an apple. A 100-gram apple only consists about fifty calories. This is a fruit which has the very low calorie but of course this fruit contains the high fiber which also helps to prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol in the intestine. Apple itself does not contain bad cholesterol and also saturated fat. Then, apple also consists of antioxidant and phtyto nutrient. That is great to help the body to be always in a good condition and boost its condition. That is why consuming apple every day will help us getting away from any diseases including flu. That is also because of the high level of vitamin C and beta carotene which are great to improve the body immune from the infection of bacteria and virus. The next fact is that apple also becomes a good source for vitamin B complex as like thiamine, pyridoxine, and riboflavin. Those vitamins help the body metabolism and enzyme to work properly and effectively in the body. Apple is also rich of minerals which are needed by the body, as like calcium, potassium, and also phosphor. Those are great for having the better heart health and also proper blood pressure.

how apple calories for weight loss

As we have known and discussed before that apple has a lot of good things which are really great. Apple also helps us on burning fat effectively. However, there are some tips to follow for consuming apple properly. First, do not only consume apple all the day because we also need to fulfill some other vitamins, minerals, and nutrition for body so that only consuming apple is not enough. Then, do not take too much. One or two apples daily are enough. Then, consuming apple before eating or taking breakfast is much better. If you can choose, green apple is better than the red one because it consists of better vitamins and antioxidants. So, knowing about how many calories are in an apple is not enough because there are many other good things about apple.


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