How To Make Aloe Vera Gel?

aloe vera gel at home

How to make Aloe Vera gel at home?

Do not like to buy moisturizers, creams and lotion from the market? But, do you want to treat pimples, acne or pimples? Then do not worry, there is an excellent option waiting for you. What is it? It is nothing more than an Aloe Vera, which is ideal for all types of skin problems. How to make Aloe Vera gel at home?

If you want to know how to make Aloe Vera gel at home, then read this article to clear your doubts. You can use this Aloe Vera gel as a sunburn, moisturizer and face wash cream and like most.

How to make Aloe Vera gel at home?

Many people like you, prefer only the home remedies for damaged skin because the facial skin is the most sensitive in our body. So we have to take better care of him. Also, before using any creams or even natural products, you need to check whether your items for your face or not, because all the remedies do not support for all skin types.

Steps to prepare an Aloe Vera gel:

How to make Aloe Vera gel: bring one or two pieces of Aloe Vera out of your garden and do the following steps to prepare the Aloe Vera moisturizer.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to clean your hand and also the equipment you are going to use to separate the gel from Aloe Vera plants.

Step 2:

Inside Aloe Vera contains filled with gel, so it is not cut into two or three parts. At the same time, the outer skin of an aloe is somewhat matured. However, it is necessary to clean the outer surface very gently.

Step 3:

After removing the outer surfaces of the aloe, keep it in a bowl of water for 10 minutes. Because the resin in aloe contains latex, this can irritate your skin, so it is best to drain all Aloe gel rinses.

Step 4:

Still green portion remains in the aloe gel, so use the vegetable peeler to remove that part lightly. But be sure not to remove the inner white part of the gel. If you have large aloe gel, then cut it into two pieces to do it comfortably.

Step 5:

Now it is a time to get the gel out of the peeled pieces of Aloe Vera. Take a spoon and wipe out the gel completely from the green serving in a cup.

Step 6:

The steps mentioned above for more than one Aloe Vera and you want to keep it for a few months? Then you have to do one more thing to keep him safe. Yes, you need to buy a small amount (500mg) of Vitamin C or Vitamin E to mix with the gel.

Step 7:

Then, keep the mixer ready in a clean glass, so you can keep it in a refrigerator for a month.

That is all!! Now fresh and cool Aloe Vera gel is ready !! Make use of it for burns and moisturizing skin creams. And you can even use it for minor surface burns, but never use this for the main blistered skin. These simple steps help you lot and this is the best answer for how to make aloe vera gel.


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