How to prevent hair fall

how to prevent hair fall quickly

How to prevent hair fall naturally

If you wonder how to prevent hair fall this article is just for you. Hair fall is determined by several factors. Just oiling, conditioning and washing hair is not enough to prevent hair loss. The problem of hair fall is a common problem for many women as well as men. But I have good news for you, because I got the answer of how to prevent hair fall: hair loss problem can be prevented if proper remedies are followed. These effective remedies help you in preventing hair fall naturally.

Various researches have been showed that hair fall problems are common among males and females but females are victimized on vast level rather than males. Hair fall can cause several reasons like low hormonal activity of testosterone and progesterone in females. Another causes fungi, dry scalp, injury or surgery, sun affects and other environmental pollution are the main reason of hair fall. So let see what we have here to solve your problem and how to prevent hair fall naturally without any side effect and costly expense. These natural remedies have no side effects and also save your pocket to be flushed on costly surgeries. The below professional tips and natural methods can prevent your hair fall as soon as possible without any damage and easy to use. While learning these tips you’ll be able to answer the question to others that how to prevent hair fall naturally without any cosmetic or scalp surgery.

Hair loss is caused primarily by ignoring some details absolutely necessary for taking care of hair. Hair loss can have numerous causes. Below are some quick methods for how to prevent hair fall.

Use natural conditioners like curd, oil and ghee. You need to use these natural hair conditioners before washing your hair. Conditioning hair makes it look beautiful and voluminous and helps to improve the texture. This procedure helps in to prevent hair fall day by day.

Avoid artificial beautifying treatments. Hair straightening treatments can make hair weak and result in hair fall. It’s very important to keep your hair natural.

Wash your hair at least twice a week. You need a good shampoo that matches your hair. To find out what suits your hair you can consult an expert. It is not necessary to wash every day unless you have very oily hair. The ideal is to wash whenever the hair is dirty, and this time can vary from person to person.

Go for head massage before washing your hair. A good idea is Ayurveda head massage which is beneficial to makes hair strong and it also helps to reduce stress. If you do not get time to visit spas or beauty parlors you can make your own massage.

If you are coping with dandruff try to use natural remedies. The main cause of dandruff is improper care of hair. To fight against dandruff a good solution is use anti dandruff shampoo.

Change your diet. Invest in a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals as this will help strengthen the root of the hair, restricting its fall. Try to consume green vegetable as much as possible. I recommend you to try foods that contain a good portion of the B vitamins such as fish, dairy produce, liver, soya beans, kidney, eggs, whole grain, nuts, yeast, leafy green vegetables and seeds.

Try aromatherapy. There are solutions that contain jojoba oil, grape seed oil and some relevant oils such as cedar wood and lavender. It is important to know that the risks are virtually nonexistent because these solutions have no side effects. Disembark the hair still in the bath when passing the cream or conditioner, beginning the process by the tips, leaving the root last.

Just hold the hair when they are very dry, because when fixing the hair still wet or damp, the root can suffer damage, favoring the fall.

In addition, it is important to have the habit of not stressing and practicing physical activity regularly so that the blood circulation improves and consequently the hair becomes stronger and resistant to fall. It is important to clarify that hair loss is common in the first months of breastfeeding, after surgery and in case of hormonal disorders and in the latter case, it is best to treat this lack of control, as this is the cause of hair loss.

Whenever you are traveling use scarf. Covering your hair with scarf will protect against pollution. Rinse hair very well by removing all shampoo and conditioner. This care avoids root oiliness, preventing hair loss. Following these natural tips brings-forth better results and authentic answer of how to prevent hair fall.

Enough calcium in your daily nutrition. I strongly recommend taking a supplement if necessary. Ultimately, if your hair fall problem is severe, see a doctor.

Important indications to prevent hair fall

– Feed properly with a sufficient amount of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and water;

– Avoid medications and supplements without medical advice, as many of these products can trigger or aggravate hair loss;

– Well-indicated nutritional supplements can be good allies in preventing and reversing the problem;

– Try to lead a more peaceful life, always maintaining balance. Practicing regular physical activity can help;

– Avoid using too hot water, choose to wash your hair with warm or cold water, this will guarantee vitality and shine to the wires, in addition to avoiding the fall;

– Keeps the scalp always clean, removing the oil that hinders its oxygenation, weakening the wires and stimulating the hair fall.

How to prevent hair fall by Medicinal Treatments

Before treatment, you need to find out the reason for the fall. Therefore, seek a dermatologist. One of the treatments is a latanoprost-based lotion, a substance used in eye drops to treat glaucoma. The treatment grows new yarns, allows the growing yarns to continue growing and prevents the hair falling before the common time.

Another treatment is micro needle. Small holes are made in the scalp that cause bleeding in the region. This mechanism releases platelet-rich plasma. In addition, the furriers increase the vascularization of the region. Vascularization and platelets generate hair strands. Minoxidil is a hair lotion that has vasodilator action. It prevents hair from falling and can stimulate growth in some areas, such as the crown.

Follow the above methods and say freely to others that how to prevent hair fall. A long and powerful mane requires proper care. If you want to prevent hair loss it’s important also to maintain it and take its care like an adornment.


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