Is Spot-Reduction Fat Real?

spot reduction fat

Is Spot-Reduction Real?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to spot-reduce fat. Spot-reduction is the belief that fat can be reduced from a specific area of the body if it is targeted in exercise.

However, if you work a specific muscle group, you will not be able to reduce the amount of fat in that area. The most common of this idea is when people focusing on abdominal workouts in an effort to lose weight in their stomach area.

Reducing fat on only a specific area of the body can only be done with burning calories by following a program that involves both cardiovascular training and strength training. In doing so, the fat stores throughout the entire body will decrease, including the problem areas.

However, for many people, pro-longed exercise and diet is too daunting, and they would rather just do 200 sit-ups per day, despite the known facts about spot-reduction. For those people, the only other realistic option is arm, stomach, and thigh liposuction Westchester.

There are two reasons why spot-reduction is not possible:

Fat and muscle are two different tissues. The muscle, such as the abdominal, does not own the fat that surrounds it. While sit-ups will strengthen the abdominal muscles, they will not get rid of the layer of fat that is covering the muscles.

The way fat is stored and synthesized is not conducive for spot-reduction.  When a person eats more calories than the body needs, it converts the excess into fat-based compounds called triglycerides, which are stored in fat cells, called adipocytes. Adipocytes are located throughout the body, and can expand and shrink – the larger the person, the larger the adipocytes. When a person exercises and the fat is required for energy, the body doesn’t preferentially select which adipocytes to remove fat from. Rather, it draws from all regions simultaneously.

So to target fat loss in a specific area of the body, such as the stomach or arms, a person will need to alter their workout regiment and develop a diet plan, or undergo body and/or face liposuction Westchester. If a person is unwilling to attempt diet and exercise, then liposuction may be their only option. For those interested, it is best to first consult with an experienced cosmetic dermatology clinic.


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