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mushroom nutrition

8 Benefits of Mushroom Nutrition- For what it serves and Properties

Used in Chinese medicine for more than 6,000 years, the Mushroom Nutrition was little known to Europeans, but nowadays it is found relatively easily and can be considered an excellent food to be part of our daily diet. But what is Shitake for? In addition to being a low calorie, high fiber food, there are still a wide variety of benefits of Mushroom Nutrition for health, ranging from weight loss to cancer-fighting.

For those who already knew, but still did not know the properties of the shitake mushroom nutrition, we listed below 8 benefits of the same for good shape and health. Keep reading to know what they are and know one of the best natural foods at our disposal.

Properties of Shitake Mushroom Nutrition

Although it is technically a fungus, the mushroom is classified as a plant food for nutritional purposes. And like vegetables, the mushroom is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute not only to maintaining health but also to fighting diseases, as we’ll see shortly.

See below for other properties of the shitake mushroom nutrition:

It is rich in selenium (a mineral that contributes to the health of blood vessels and helps control the functioning of thyroid hormones);

It has Vitamin B2 – also known as riboflavin, acts in the production of energy for the body. Five mushrooms a day provide 16% of the daily need for vitamin B2;

Contains Niacin, or vitamin B3, which, like riboflavin, also acts in the production of energy;

It is a great source of Vitamin B9 (folic acid), an essential nutrient for pregnant women;

It has a good concentration of vitamin D (only dehydrated mushrooms that have been exposed to the sun for drying);

75 g of shitake provide 70% of the copper needs and 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B5.

The shitake also contains a good concentration of zinc, manganese and calcium.

Benefits of Mushroom Nutrition- What it does:

Here are 8 reasons to include more shitake in your diet:

1) Helps to lose weight

With only 34 calories per 100g of fresh mushroom, shitake is an excellent food to be part of a diet to lose weight. The mushroom also provides a good amount of fiber – 2.5g in the 100g portion – a large percentage of water (75% in fresh food) and few carbohydrates (7 grams in the same portion). This means that shitake helps to lose weight because it provides satiety with few calories and can be considered a low glycemic index food (which does not raise blood glucose sharply, one of the factors leading to fat accumulation).

And for those who are trying to reduce their consumption of animal protein, shitake is one of the best options for making your meatless menu, since it has a good amount of protein and has consistency and flavor that resemble animal food.

2) Reduce Cholesterol

The shitake contains eritadenine, a substance that, according to Swedish researchers, has the ability to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Another study in Japan found that shitake increased the amount of cholesterol in the stool, which in turn reduced cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. This effect was verified in researches carried out with the fresh mushroom and also with the shitake extract.

3) Helps in Combating Cancer

Another compound that collaborates with the properties of the Mushroom Nutritionist lent nana, which not only strengthens the immune system but also acts in the prevention and fights against cancer.

Several studies have proven the antitumor action of lentinana, which would be able to reduce and slow the growth of some types of tumors. Some research carried out in renowned Japanese universities also speaks of the capacity of lentinana to cause regression and prevent the metastasis of some forms of cancer (especially those of gastric origin).

In a study published in 2011 in the journal Cancer Science, researchers noted an interruption in the growth of melanomas in rats after the animals received powdered shitake extract.

One of the possible explanations for shitake’s mechanism of action against cancer would be the fact that lentinana (a type of beta-glucan) stimulates the immune system and helps activate certain defense cells and proteins responsible for attacking tumors.

4) Fight Free Radicals

Free radicals are indispensable to life, but when excess can cause a number of complications, ranging from premature aging to cancer. Substances capable of combating this excess of free radicals are called antioxidants and can be found in abundance in foods of plant origin, among them shitake.

In the case of this mushroom, there is a particular substance with a great antioxidant capacity: L-Ergothioneine, a potent compound capable of preventing free radical damage to healthy cells of the body. It has already been proven that the accumulation of free radicals can cause these cells to mutate and end up causing cancer to appear.

A study released in 2005 at an American Chemical Society meeting revealed that mushrooms have a higher concentration of L-Ergothioneine than chicken liver and wheat germ, hitherto considered the largest known sources of this substance. The same researchers later found that shitake contains a greater amount of L-Ergothioneine than all other mushrooms for human consumption.

5) Strengthens the Immune System

According to researchers, this can be considered as one of the greatest benefits of Mushroom Nutrition for health. As we have seen, shitake contains lentinana, a substance that acts on the body’s defense mechanism against disease-causing agents. It is now known that shitake can be even more effective than some drugs in combating infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

6) Control Blood Pressure

Preliminary studies have shown that one more benefit of Mushroom Nutritionist to lower blood pressure levels, preventing and even fighting hypertension. This property of shitake is due to the presence of niacin, a vitamin that causes dilation of blood vessels, which in turn leads to a decrease in blood pressure.

7) Protects the Cardiovascular System

The benefits of Mushroom Nutrition to the heart come about by three ways:

Regulates LDL levels, which when elevated increases the risk of coronary heart disease;

Reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis (obstruction of the arteries that can cause myocardial infarction);

Controls the pressure – high blood pressure levels are associated with a number of cardiovascular complications.

8) Prevent Thrombosis

Shitake still contains lanthionine, a natural compound that inhibits platelet aggregation, preventing the formation of clots that block blood circulation. That benefit can be obtained through the consumption of shitake oil or even through the fresh mushroom.

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