Natural Remedies For Acne Scars

natural remedies for acne

The natural 22 home remedies for acne treatment like pesky pimples without any side effect

Your skin is like your protective friend. You like your skin as well your skin also likes you. It prevents the environmental attacks and elements therefore literally put you together. Your responsibility is to do your best to protect it from any type of damage caused by the dusty environment. Then one-day acne hits you like ugly head and suddenly you frustrated from your skin and start hating it. What are you going to do then? Start using harsh chemical formulations, expensive scrubs or branded cleansers? It’s not the fair way to thank your friend who’s been there for you all the time since day one. Don’t blame your epidermis cause it isn’t making any fault here and it can’t help that your hormones are causing all that extra sebum to bring forth your pores. Another fact might be that bacteria are running rampant. If your skin could speak it would say something like that please treats me right and I shall cure you in kind by adopting natural remedies for acne.

That’s all are just guessing anyways. The main point is that natural remedies for acne are a better and good way to get rid of it. They make you adorable and really figure out what’s going on with your sensitive skin and how to get work with it. Chances are very clear and save your skin will repay you in so normally without the need of any chemicals and your budget will probably thank you too for this.

Are you tired of the pimples and pimples that keep popping up from time to time? In this article, you can see the best and most effective home and natural remedies for acne to get rid of these irritating pimples.

If you suffer from an acute acne problem, you should visit a dermatologist. Also, check to see if you have any allergies to the natural ingredients or products referred to in this article. To test for possible allergies, you should first try to place a small portion on a small area of the skin such as the forearm for example, before applying the mixture on the entire affected area with acne such as the face.

Many people, even in adulthood, continue to suffer from acne and having moderate to extreme acne can actually affect the quality of skin and life. In turn having acne can affect your self-confidence, which makes acne a problem that should solve.

Generally speaking, you should avoid getting your hands to the face as well as keeping your hair away from your face to avoid irritation. Mainly avoid “squeezing” pimples and blackheads as this contributes to the contamination and infection of the affected areas. However, these natural remedies for acne work well and provide best results.

The 22 Natural Remedies for Acne prevention

1- Vitamins against acne

Whether through diet or through vitamin supplement, you should increase the consumption of the following vitamins to eliminate acne.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Foods rich in vitamin B3 include fish such as anchovies, tuna or swordfish, liver or in peanuts.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also vital to accelerate the healing of acne wounds. Foods rich in vitamin E include Spinach, broccoli and tropical fruits.


Zinc has also shown very positive results in the treatment of acne cases. Zinc makes the skin healthier. Zinc-rich foods include oysters and liver.

D vitamin

Exposure of the skin to sunlight allows the levels of vitamin D in the body to increase. Exposing the entire body to the sun moderately may be highly beneficial.

2- Sodium Bicarbonate natural remedies for acne

You can use the baking soda you use in your kitchen as a home treatment for acne. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the effects of baking soda by ridding your skin of pimples.

Add a few drops of water to a little baking soda and mix well to obtain a thick paste. Apply it all over the face or just on the pimples until it dries. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. Repeat the process until all the affected area has been cleaned.

3- Natural remedies for acne with Egg white

Egg white is a homemade trick with great results.

Separate the egg white from the yolk and apply only the clear on the affected area with acne. It is preferable to apply during the night periods to increase clear skin exposure and get the most effective results. If the smell of egg white does not bother you, you can let the solution work all night. If you repeat the process for a few days, you may see impressive results. Attention, in case you are allergic to eggs, take the anti-allergy test listed at the top of this article.

4- Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is a famous natural remedy that also works wonders in treating acne. The inside of Aloe vera leaf is a gel that can be mixed with water or applied directly over the affected area with acne, including on the face. After applying, leave the Aloe to dry and act for a few minutes (30m for example). Wash Aloe Vera next and repeat the process at least twice a day as it is gentle enough for daily use.

You can also use Aloe vera in ointment or cream which is also very effective in treating acne. Aloe Vera acts as both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, being ideal for an effective treatment of acne.

Oranges or grapefruit are a great option to counteract the effects of pollution or tobacco on the body.

Oranges or foods rich in vitamin C are a great option to counteract the effects of acne.

5- Saffron

Saffron is a spice and is excellent in treating acne as it prevents excess production of melanin in the skin. It is antibacterial and serves perfectly for all skin types. You can increase the consumption of saffron as a condiment in your meals or apply directly to the affected area.

Add a few drops of water to a portion of saffron until a doughy mixture is obtained. Apply to the skin for a few minutes, then wash. You can repeat up to 2 times a day until results are achieved.

You can also choose to make a blend with a little milk, honey, lemon and turmeric and you will have a super anti-acne solution. Apply the same way you would for saffron until you get good results.

6- Natural remedies for acne with Lemon

It should be noted that the treatment with lemon slices or lemon juice is very acidic and can dry your skin, especially sensitive skins so you should do this treatment only a few minutes a day and should moisturize the skin well before and after the treatment.

Take a slice of lemon and massage your face with it. The citric acid properties of lemon soothes dark pimple marks, contracts pores, eliminates bacteria and reduces excess oil production in the skin which is one of the factors that contributes most to acne.

If you have a sensitive skin, dilute the lemon juice with a little water and make sure to apply for few minutes.

7- Orange Peel

The properties of vitamin C and the acidity of the orange peel make it perfect for the treatment of acne. Orange juice, as well as peel, can be used for the treatment of acne.

To effect the treatment of the orange peel, separate the peel from the orange and let it dry in the sun. After drying, grind the orange peel until powdered. Add drops of water to this powder to make a paste. Then apply it over the affected area. Let it act for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash your face with warm water.

8- Physical Exercise

Practicing exercise promotes perspiration and is one of the best strategies you can use to combat acne. Sweating removes toxins from the body and makes the skin more elastic, healthy and breathable, which eliminates acne

Yoga or meditation can also decrease stress and contribute to healthier skin, helping to eliminate the symptoms of acne.

9- Garlic

The well-known spicy and smelly garlic works wonders in treating acne

Garlic is a good choice to clear acne from the skin. You can include it in your normal diet, or apply it directly to the affected area.

Apply crushed garlic to the areas affected by acne and let it act for about 15 minutes. Although you get an irritating feeling for a few seconds, the garlic will “burn” your pimples and clean the skin. A couple of cloves of garlic are sufficient to effect the treatment. Crush them until you get a paste and apply it on the affected areas.

10- Honey

You can treat pimples or affected areas with acne with a dressing and honey.

This is a simple solution, which can be done in a few seconds. Take some honey and put it on top of the bubbles and then cover it with a Band-Aid. Repeat the process before going to bed and let it act until morning. Get ready to enjoy impressive results after removing Band-Aid. Wash your face and repeat the process until you get good results.

11- Banana peel

Banana is a very nutritious food, loaded with essential components for our body. What most do not know is that their bark also has important properties that can help to regenerate the skin, in addition to reducing the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

12- Natural remedies for acne with Papaya

Besides being a delicious and very good fruit for health, papaya is also a great ally of cutaneous health and, in fact, is an active ingredient of many commercial beauty products. This fruit helps eliminate excess lipids on the surface of the oily skin, removing dead cells and inflammation caused by pimples.

How to use?

Knead a piece of papaya until it forms a paste and then applies it on the clean, dry face. Leave on for 20 minutes. When you finish the treatment, be sure to apply a moisturizer.

13- Natural remedies for acne with Green Tea

This tea contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG, which has proven effective in reducing excessive sebum production, as well as treating inflammation and slowing the growth of bacteria in the skin.

How to use?

Prepare a paste with two teaspoons of green tea leaves mixed with a little water. Apply the paste on the face as if it were a scrub and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes.

14- Oats

Besides being a healthy food, oats are also a natural remedy for good skin health. This ingredient helps to remove the dead cells that accumulate in the face and also stimulates the elimination of excess oiliness.

How to use?

In a bowl, combine two tablespoons of oatmeal, the pulp of a tomato and a tablespoon of honey. Make a paste and apply it all over the face, letting act for 10 minutes.

15- Natural remedies for acne with rice

An excellent home remedy to reduce pimples is to apply daily a homemade mask prepared with rice and honey because these ingredients will deflate and lighten the skin, maintaining a good hydration.


2 tablespoons cooked rice and “soaked”, 1 tablespoon honey

Method of preparation

Boil the rice in plenty of water, without adding seasoning, until it looks soggy. Add, for every 2 tablespoons rice potato, one tablespoon of honey. Shred in the blender so it is doughy and easy to apply. This rice mask can be applied to the face or back and should act for about 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your face with moisturizing liquid soap and cold water to follow.

16- Natural remedies for inflamed acne

An excellent home-based treatment to stop inflamed pimples is to take avocado juice with Pennyroyal and watercress.

Watercress besides being an excellent source of minerals like calcium and iodine is rich in vitamins A and E that help fight acne. Pennyroyal also has many vitamins, and avocado has fats beneficial to the body that leave the skin softer.


3 sprigs of watercress, 3 branches of Pennyroyal, ½ avocado, 1 glass of mineral water

Method of preparation

Beat all the ingredients in the blender, sweeten to taste and drink the following. The recommended dose is one glass, 2 times a day for at least 2 weeks.

17- Natural solution for internal spine

An excellent home remedy to wipe out the inner spine is to clean the skin daily with mint tea.


1 liter of water, 10 mint leaves

Method of preparation

Put the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for about 5 minutes. Expect to cool and wash your face with the mint tea and gently wipe with a towel, without rinsing. The food also helps to diminish the pimples or to avoid their appearance.

18- Natural remedies for acne with baking soda

A great home remedy for acne is baking soda, as it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, acts as a skin exfoliant, also helping to regulate the pH of the skin.

Simply put in a container two teaspoons of baking soda and add water and stirring until it forms a homogeneous paste, then apply on the face, washing with water after a few minutes.


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