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Almost every day comes a new kind of “magic” food restriction? but do you know what works for your body and how can you gain optimum nutrition?

Since the Fitness line, it has become fashionable; people are looking for ways to lose weight all the time. Have you ever been to the internet looking for an “Optimum Nutrition“? The body fat? Or have you followed the advice of a friend who lost pounds quickly without much effort?

Then know that you must start over. The search for weight loss in the first place must be done through a professional to be safe and efficient. Diet is something individual and personalized, that is, takes into consideration the habits, needs, and preferences of each individual? says nutritionist Brenda Rugal.

According to her, the nutritionist is responsible for uniting all the technical information together with the exams, measurements and clinical situation of the patient. ? Does it get an Optimum nutritional diagnosis and can it guide a proper diet for each individual?

But, “proper diet”, as the nutritionist speaks, it is not for you to decide, on an account, to cut gluten and lactose, for example, because you read somewhere that these results. ? Diets that restrict gluten and lactose are actually radical. Therefore, in order not to consume these components the person needs to eliminate many items from the common consumption. So she tends to lose weight because of the change in habit and take optimum nutrition source, “explains Brenda Editor at Ineedmotivations.

I believe that the restriction of these components should be made aiming at the real need not to consume them; otherwise, the ideal is to be consumed in moderation?

According to Brenda theory of optimum nutrition, nothing is forbidden on a diet, since it is moderately consumed. Is it possible to eat chocolate and pizza, as long as this is not a frequent habit and in excessive amounts?

5 facts that prove that Optimum Nutrition is the ideal course for you

Nutrition is one of those courses that ask for an identification of who will study. Knowing if this is the ideal course for anyone looking for a career can be an easier task than you might think.

You should consider a number of factors before choosing the course. Think about whether you have the quality of life and personal satisfaction with this profession.

To help you with this task, we have prepared a list of 5 factors that will prove that Nutrition is the right course for you! Come on!

Ease of dealing with people

Dealing with patients is a characteristic that the dietitian must incorporate from the beginning of his career. If you are thinking about pursuing this profession, assess whether you have the ability to relate well to people.

In the routine of a clinic or optimum nutrition clinic, you receive patients with the most varied demands. Some just want to lose weight, others want to have a healthy diet and some are there because they go through health problems such as high cholesterol or diabetes.

Knowing how to handle such moods and behaviors throughout the day is essential for a nutritionist to achieve success.

Concern about health – optimum nutrition

Do you usually weigh yourself? Pay attention to what you eat? So nutrition can be on your radar. It is the perfect career for those who want to unite quality of life and good food.

If you have this concern, with an exercise routine and balanced diet, it will certainly make a good impression on your patients. You will know with authority what you will prescribe and may be an example.

Attention to the labels of foodstuffs

Do you go to the grocery store and read the labels of everything you intend to buy? Few people do this, although it is a simple and important task. For you, it’s a good step when deciding your career.

This interest shows a care with what you ingest. You seek to know what each item means in the product and how it positively or negatively affects your health.

In a consultation, in that moment in which you have to pass recipes and guidelines to a patient, knowing what each product contains and how it can affect health will make a huge difference. Offering menu options are one of the requirements of the profession.

A competent nutritionist knows exactly what to prescribe and the reason for suggesting some restrictions.

Taste for study and update – optimum nutrition

It is foolish to think that nutrition is a career that does not go through updates. On the contrary.

Look. Who does not read news about a particular food in a day and finds out soon after the research indicates exactly the opposite?

Nutrition requires a lot of study in your training and will require even more after the completion of the course. There are hundreds of research on food and chemicals that are part of some recipes around the world.

In addition, each area of nutrition requires a specialization, such as sports. The nutritionist needs to be aware and always well updated with what is new in this field.

Special look for food – optimum nutrition

You who look at a dish and observe colors, presentation, harmonization and flavors have everything to go right with the nutrition career. It can be your ideal course. Gastronomy uses the work of this professional.

It is not only the chef who creates a dish. He resorts to the information of a nutritionist to put together a recipe with all the major nutrients, without exaggeration. This composition demands the work of a specialized professional.

Did you identify with any of these facts? So nutrition can be your ideal college course! Enjoyed it? Share on your social networks!

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