The best workouts for ectomorphs


What is the ideal training program for those who are defined Ectomorphs? This article presents 5 useful tips on how to gain weight and muscle mass as quickly as possible.

Belonging to the genus ectomorphs can be frustrating to the point of losing self-esteem or even fall into depression. The biggest question that plagues the person with this kind of physique is to figure out what to do to put on weight and see some muscle.

The ectomorphs are not lazy; what makes them despair is the fact that they do cardio exercise and spend a lot of time exercising without adding extra pounds.

Most people afflicted by this problem end up buying and reading magazines, applying any single suggestion therein without, moreover, get the promised results. It is under this premise that I am going to state the following 5 tips to help ectomorphs in their training and guide them at last the coveted milestone of muscle growth.

Tip # 1: Reduce your exercise frequency

Contrary to traditional thinking, the ectomorphs should reduce the frequency of their workouts. To gain weight and muscle mass, you do not need to spend 6 days a week in a gym. As ectomorphs, subjecting the physical to grueling physical routine can limit the capacity for growth of your muscles.

Similarly, recovery time and proper rest are important factors to consider; the recommended times of exercise are 3 complete workouts a week. This regime will not only allow your muscles to grow but will also offer a day of rest after each workout to allow your body to recover.

Tip # 2: Never engage the body parts in isolation

Everyone knows that Monday is the day dedicated to arms; Tuesday is the day of the legs; Wednesday on the back, and so on. This is a routine that, as ectomorphs, you do not need to consider.

Never engage the body parts separately, rather opt for a type of exercise that involves the whole body every day: do squats, chest press, woodchoppers, dead lifts, rowing and biceps curl. These exercises will train and will grow muscles and, in addition, will improve muscle function.

Tip # 3: Reduce the duration of the training

Having determined the number of days and the intensity of the workouts, let us now consider the duration of each workout. For better efficiency, the exercises for estimates should be brief and intense: a good workout should last from 45 minutes to one hour maximum.

An ideal training program should make you sweat and keep the pressure balanced. This is necessary because it helps to tone muscles and give it shape.

A good training program for young and skinny girls can not only focus on muscular endurance. You have to give importance to food and nutrition. The last two suggestions shall deal with the foods you should consume and on supplements.

Tip # 4: Follow a good diet

The ectomorphs do not eat enough, they commit the same error of those who cannot put on weight, that eating too little of everything.

A diet for very thin people should provide not only the necessary nutrients but also the right amounts. The diet should be calorie and consumed at the right times.

The metabolic rate of ectomorphs is very high, this means that the food that introduce is metabolized very quickly. Typically, ectomorphs should eat 5 to 6 times a day, especially when engaged in a training program.

The consumption of calories, although different from individual to individual, should be between 3,000 and 3,500 per day. Calories should come from protein and carbohydrates and not from junk foods.

Tip # 5: Set the use of supplements

I want to do business manufacturers of supplements (like everyone else). But, in fact, the ectomorphs do not need many supplements.

Charles Atlas, also a hard gainer, became a great bodybuilder without the help of steroids. As such, the use of steroids should be regulated and not considered as a replacement of the daily diet. Their role must be solely to fill the holes in the diet where they exist. Exercise discipline in your workouts and you will notice the difference in your muscles and building your physique.


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