Tips reduce the swelling


7 tips to reduce the swelling of the body

He exaggerated the weekend? Here are some tips to eliminate swelling after overeating:

  1. Water: Increase fluid intake throughout the day as it may seem counter intuitive; it is taking more water, increasing the excretion of excess water retained in the body.
  2. Salt: Avoid salt intake throughout the day or exaggerated to the back of the food. These include foods that contain sodium, as well as cakes, soft drinks, soft drinks, sausages and canned foods. And major, giving preference for fresh food, and should avoid more processed and packaged foods.
  3. Drink alcohol: to remove fluid accumulated surplus and alcohol is a great villain. In addition to increasing levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, it will lead to a hell of fluid retention in the body.
  4. Tea: If you have difficulty eating the right amount of water in their daily lives (8 to 10 glasses of water a day), and investment in tea. In this period it is legal to make a tea diuretic such as green tea, horsetail, hibiscus and ginger tea, etc.
  5. Vegetables: They relieve swelling in the body as a result of diuretic effect caused by the large amount of water present in these foods. Bet on vegetables that are resistant to infection, such as arugula, endive and watercress, which is a diuretic.
  6. White meat: to eliminate the bulge in the abdominal area, avoid red meat in this period. Investing in roasted or grilled fish also toss that help in the digestion process.
  7. Fiber: fiber consumption when combined with the proper amount of fluids, and to promote good bowel function, anti-swelling in the body.

But be careful, you need to pay attention to water consumption increased when high-fiber foods.

Running and the elderly

Traditionally, of walking and / or running very popular among the people because it is simple, low investment activity, only a pair of sports shoes and get ready to start the theory. Although this practice is beneficial for many people, you need to take care of public health before embarking on the streets and alleys in the city.

In particular, in the race, several events have occurred in recent years, captivating more and more fans day. For the race itself, and the ideal is to have a plan by the physical education professional, just to know that advises the best workout routine.

With regard to benefits, we have improved blood pressure and heart rate, reduce stress, improve sleep, control of plasma glucose, among many other health products.

Another great advantage of walking and / or running is that it has no age restrictions. That is, the elderly can also be a part of this growing team! There are even older marathon runners. Those who spent more than 60 years can and should perform aerobic activities such as walking and / or running, since then, over time, reduce aerobic capacity, mainly due to the non-use of the entire cardiac respiratory system.

However, it should be noted that the individual is older, especially unstable, and often a chronic disease, either by the end of the metabolism, heart or bone. Therefore, if the old hall requests to conduct a series of tests to verify the possibility of starting physical exercise.

It is also recommended that the elderly have a direction and physical education professional registered with the Regional Council of Physical Education (CREF). Then you can put on sneakers and walking or running for a healthy life!


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