Weight and Age Discrimination at Work Are On the Rise

age discrimination

America’s obsession with youth and beauty may be more than skin-deep.

With obesity rates rising and workers waiting longer to retire, more and more Americans are experiencing weight- and age-based discrimination at work.  Whether they’re interviewing or Botox dermatologist Westchester meeting customers or negotiating salaries, Americans are reporting that certain aspects of their appearance are holding back their careers.

Bad Attitudes

Unlike discrimination based on gender or race, which continues to be a problem but nevertheless has laws and legal precedents backing employees who claim they’ve been discriminated against, weight- and age-based discrimination deals with physical characteristics that are often totally acceptable to mock in public.  Television and movies make “fat jokes” and cracks about “aged people” completely agreeable to many people who (be it consciously or unconsciously) hold the view that being overweight or old in the workplace can change.  Many think that being obese is an unhealthy life choice.  Those who discriminate against the elderly often hold the belief that older adults should retire and let younger, more technologically savvy, and “much capable” adults do their jobs.

Fighting for Acceptance

While many outraged victims of discrimination are working toward legislation that promises to fight it, many men and women are changing their own physical appearance to keep up with the job market.  The percentage of women seeking Botox, Juvederm, Rest lane and other dermal fillers has increased over the past several years.  As a cosmetic dermatologist Westchester county men and women trust for Botox and wrinkle treatments, Dr. Michelle Abadir sees a growing number of patients interested in reducing the appearance of wrinkles to stay ahead at work.  Doctors are also seeing more patients interested in weight loss to gain respect from their peers and increase their likelihood of getting a job.

No one can say whether fighting for change or changing one’s own appearance is the right course of action when facing discrimination in the workplace – the choice of how to act is up to those affected.  Changing the system takes time, but as Botox dermatologist Westchester clinic Abadir Associates can report, changing one’s appearance gives results that are noticeable right away and may lead to success and acceptance.


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