weight gain during pregnancy?

weight gain pregnancy

The most difficult task for moms Weight Gain Pregnancy. There is a lot of pressure on new moms nowadays to get rid of their pregnancy weight as soon as possible. Celebrities don’t help the matter when they step out onto the red carpet five weeks after giving birth, even skinnier than they were before – with not an inch of cellulite visible.

What matters is that you are healthy and happy and enjoy the arrival of your bundle of joy. You can concentrate your efforts on looking after your little boy or girl and get back in shape, but the key is to do it the right way.

Don’t rush back into the gym. The last thing any new parent has is the energy to start lifting weights amidst night feeds. Can someone look after your baby for 30 minutes, twice a week? This is all that is needed initially. Is it realistic for you?

If you are fed up with your mommy tummy and you want to lose your bump, you can shift the excess weight; and the answer is by fighting.

Put ‘am up!

No, we don’t want you to start squaring up to people on the street. Boxing has become a really popular fitness regime for women because it helps you to get a toned, lean, strong body. The sport isn’t as rough and tough as you think.

How can you lose weight?

It is a very social sport and classes usually involve you sparring with a partner, concentrating on pad work. Most people imagine that you are left alone to beat a punching bag, but this isn’t the case. It is very high intensity and is a full body workout.

When you are not punching and working the upper body, you are ducking and weaving, using your abs and legs. Boxing is great for the arms; however, it is also a fantastic cardio workout for the whole body

How much you weigh affects how many calories you burn. A 125lb person sparring for 30 minutes can burn 270 calories, but if you are heavier, you will burn more. If you weigh around 155lbs you will burn 335 calories in a 30 minute sparring session, and a 185lb person will burn 400 calories.

You might want to lose excess weight around your butt and thighs, and boxing is perfect for this.

But the sport offers so much more…

Yes, the exercise is great for losing weight but it can also help you in other ways. The sport is very empowering, and it is ideal for self-defense. Escapes the trials and tribulations at home of being a mom, become an individual again, and fight out all your emotional frustration.

It is very normal for women to suffer postnatal depression after giving birth. The baby blues are very common and symptoms usually involve anxiety, being weepy and feeling low. The type of treatment that is best for you depend on various aspects, but you can help yourself recover quickly by boxing out some of the built-up vexation.

Don’t believe us?

Actress and singer Hilary Duff has started a shadow boxing workout with her trainer, as part of her post-pregnancy weight loss regime. The yummy mommy has also been trying yoga and Pilates, as well as Piloxing, which is a new celeb craze and combines Pilates and boxing in one.

The former Lizzie Maguire star, who is married to former NHL player Mike Comrie, gave birth to her son Luca in March last year and already she looks fantastic!

If you really can’t get the time to enjoy kickboxing or Judo, you can still use the best of what you have. Take the baby out for a walk and push the pram at a quicker pace, to build up your cardiovascular endurance. But before you do any type of exercise, make sure you speak to your physician to ensure it is safe to do so, especially if you have had a cesarean.


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