Weight Training for Women

weight training for women

Whoever said that muscle building are just for men do not know what they are talking about, as not only is weight training for women possible, it is generally recommended for ladies who want to feel and look good every day.

Weight Training for Women – the Facts

People say that if women try to build muscle, they will look like a man. This is not true. Sure we see those manly, muscle packed bodies that some women have, but this doesn’t mean that this will happen to you. These body building women made an effort to pack on the pounds and muscles to get that big and muscular physique.

For the average Jane, weight training for women will not make you huge but toned and fit. With the right amount of weights, exercises and diet—you can train to have an amazing and sexy body that any bikini will be proud to be on.

Ideal Weight Training for Women

The ideal weight training for women should have the right balance of cardiovascular exercise and weights. As you know, cardiovascular activities like running, aerobics, swimming, etc. will melt away excess pounds as well as improve the general health of your heart. The amount of cardio that you should take on is dependent on the look you want to achieve and the body type that you have. Consult your trainer with regard to how often and how intense your cardiovascular activities should be.

Weight training on the other hand sculpts your body and helps you develop strength and stamina. I would imagine that most women are more concerned on the sculpting part that weight training results in. You also need to ask an expert when it comes to the repetitions, sets and the amount of weight that you carry. You cannot just do whatever and think you’ll get the body that you’ve always wanted.

Remember, the lower the weight and the more frequent the repetition will generally tone your muscles without adding too much bulk to it. The higher the weight entails the greater the chance of increasing muscle size and strength.

You need to understand that when you lift weights, you put a strain to your muscles. You are actually putting deliberate rips or micro tears in your muscle tissue. Muscle growth occurs when your body recovers and regenerates itself during rest, ensuing in harder and bigger muscles.

That is why even if you are working out regularly, it is also critical that you make rest a priority. It is in rest and sleep that your muscle gets the opportunity to develop and build. Do not over train because this will interrupt your sleep pattern, cause body fatigue, and be detrimental in your aim to achieve the body you want.

Weight Training for Women – the Importance of Diet

Aside from working out and rest, diet is a crucial factor in your weight training program. If you are skinny and want to gain a little bit more weight and muscle, then eat the proper food that will contribute to your end goal. If, on the other hand you want to lose weight and tone up, then read up on healthy food that will help energize you that doesn’t have a lot of calories.

Keep in mind that with most long term commitments, there will be a period where you will burn out or feel lazy to complete your regimen. You need to give yourself a break and find the enjoyment in what you do so that you don’t give up and quit before you see the fruits of your labor. It can be grueling but believe me, it is worth it when you step on that weighing scale or buy that fabulous new bikini this summer. Find out more about weight training for women tips and products when you go to these links today.


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