What Facts Gastroenterologists Informed About Bloating From IBS?

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What Facts Gastroenterologists Informed About Bloating From IBS?

Managing your weight can be a challenge with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as vairous intaking of foods cause bloating, pain, and constipation. Gastroenterologists Chicago experts are among most doctors that might help effected individuals control their IBS symptoms, and as a result help patients reach their weight goals.

Why Does IBS Make Me So Bloated?

Those that suffer from IBS often feel bloating and their swollen stomach can cause a lot of discomfort, and even embarrassment. Eating a few of the wrong foods is enough to aggravate your bowels. Cabbage, beans, and carbonated beverages should be avoided, as well as refined carbohydrates and sugar. Such foods can get stuck in your bowels and add to the bloating and discomfort.

How Should I Change My Diet?

Gastroenterology Chicago experts will tell you to add high fiber foods in your diet such as whole grains, and possibly recommend fiber supplements as way to easily increase your fiber intake.

Everyone is different and it is important to learn what your personal IBS triggers are so you know what to avoid. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat a certain food. If you feel bloated and cramped afterwards, eliminate it from your diet if possible. In general, red meats, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners aggravate IBS symptoms.

What Else Can I Do?

As IBS can greatly decrease the quality of life, it can also be taken as an incentive to make several health changes in order to overcome it.

Managing stress is very important as it can cause an onset IBS. Reducing caffeine intake is also crucial. Your morning cup of coffee may be getting your day off to the wrong start. Exercise is also very important as it promotes proper digestion and organ health.

To learn more about IBS related conditions visit Gastroenterologists and Psychologists Treat IBS. Here you can also read more about digestion and liver disease Chicago experts.


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