What is Bubble Tea

what is bubble tea


What is bubble tea actually? bubble tea is a Taiwanese invention from the 1980s, which goes around making fury. A base of green or black tea, a thick straw, concentrated juice bubbles made from tapioca starch. The result is, they say, an explosion of taste in contrast to tea, refreshing and nutritious.

In the original Taiwanese recipe, the bubbles are made with concentrated juice in what they call “tapioca pearls”. They usually take green or black tea, combined with lychee, strawberry, passion fruit, mango or yogurt. There is also the version of tea with milk and pearls (the bubbles).

The refreshing bubble tea (What is bubble tea)

Of Eastern breeding, bubble tea or even Bubble tea, as it is known outside Europe, has been very successful in several countries. Based on green or black tea, it accompanies fruit nectar, milk or yogurt, as well as the very fragile bubbles that easily burst into the mouth. These, developed through molecular gastronomic techniques can have varied flavors such as lychee, strawberry, passion fruit, mango, and yogurt, and are made from tapioca and concentrated juice bubbles.

The feeling of consuming bubble tea

The tea should be consumed with a thicker straw that allows the bubbles to rise, and this offers an explosion of flavors when consumed. Healthy and refreshing, tea is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep their diet and refresh themselves on summer days with the added presence of green tea, which aids in weight loss.

As the bubbles cannot yet be found here, some people have replaced them in the sago recipe. This version was also very beautiful and really tasty. Check out the following recipe.

bubble tea inside

Benefits – What is bubble tea

Consuming this liquid can bring health and wellbeing because it is only prepared with the light and healthy ingredients and that dieting can increase the same with fitness nutrients to further increase the taste and lightness, the drink has very few calories and if it is combined with healthy eating and exercise routine, what is bubble tea? bubble tea can help with weight loss.

In addition to slimming can help nourish and even eliminate the body from swelling, thereby reducing localized fats. The teas and fruits used are healthy and healthy and because they are rich in fiber and still proteins, they act in the body improving digestion and can be effective for the proper functioning of the intestinal flora. It is also a super vitamin and tasty recipe, choose the flavors of your liking and see that you will only have benefits when consuming this drink in the summer.

How to prepare international bubble tea?

The drink, typical of Taiwan, can be made at home with a few minor changes: instead of using the rare bubbles used by the Orientals, we can put the sago. The following recipe has 201 kcal and takes an average of 10 minutes to prepare. If you want to make more than one portion, double the recipe.

To make the bubbles, you will need:

1 cup sago coffee the alternative of tapioca pearls if not available

Water (the necessary measure for cooking, which can be consulted on the packaging of the brand of the acquired tapioca pearls)

2 sachets of tea to flavor and color the bubbles

2 tablespoons of natural honey

To prepare the bubbles, see the packaging of the sago how to prepare, resting time and cooking so that the grains are very soft. While waiting for the sago to rest, you should take the cooking water and bring to the fire. When it boils, add the two sachets you have chosen to aromatize and color the bubbles and turn off the fire.

Cover and leave for about 10 minutes. Remove the sachets. After the rest period of the sago, add it in the prepared tea and take to the fire, preparing the sago as indicated on the packaging. When you are ready, mix the honey and set aside.

For tea, use: what is bubble tea

200 ml of mineral or filtered water

1 sachet of green tea

Honey or sweetener to taste (can be sugar, but so it will stop being so healthy and will increase the calories)

½ cup tea of fruit pieces and herbs such as blueberry, pomegranate, raspberry, and tangerine, for example

4 ice stones

Ice tea should be prepared with 200 ml of hot mineral water. In that water, you will add the green tea sachet and leave it infused for approximately 10 minutes. Then just remove the sachet and wait for it to cool. Book for the assembly.

In a glass, place the sago in the bottom and position the fruits and herbs next. Add the ice and finally add the tea, sweetening it as you prefer.

How to Drink Bubble Tea

This tea can have different types of variations of recipes, this will depend only on your taste, so you should add foods such as fruit to drought or oilseed, milk or natural yogurt, herbs, crushed linseeds, whey protein and more which you like, it can make an allied drink in your diet, so in addition to being tasty may serve to aid in your weight loss.

The sago is one of the alternatives, but the correct recipe is with tapioca pearls that are also tasty and leave the recipe very special and, popping silly that explodes in the mouth. By chewing we can count on a delicious sensation, so the more spiced and rich in different types of ingredients the more delicious your bubble tea will be. If you want to have an unusual flavor, make it with a green juice or pink juice!

If you are dieting or want to have a healthy life, add Bubble Tea to your menu and vary the flavors in your meals, bet on foods with thermogenic and protein content, which may be the most satisfactory effects. it is very different from green tea side effects case.


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