What Is Velocity Diet?

velocity diet

Do you want to lose weight quickly? Velocity diet seems to be one of recommended diet programs to offer for all people. It is like the name in which it is losing weight very fast for days. You can have an ideal body weight after 28 days of diet implementation. It combines protein shakes and metabolism supplements to increase and change daily food consumption. This is a drastic approach for losing weight. The limitation of eating food is actually bad for longer time.

The Principles of Velocity Diet

Velocity diet is useful to replace daily food consumption designed specially to consume protein shakes. It has been claimed to give needed calorie and protein for the body. Before implementing the diet plan, you have to decide the intake and assumption of ideal calorie of the body. Determining the number of protein shake is a great way to estimate nutrition assumption. You have to be ready on applying for this diet program. You need to eat solid food once per a week. It should consist of natural food types like red rice, low carbohydrate vegetables and fruits, fishes and beef no fats. With only eating once, it trains you to keep body health with balance food consumption.

Protein of Velocity Diet

The program of velocity diet must mix the consumption of protein and low carbohydrate food. The low drive metabolism food is also important to form energy of the body. The drive metabolism is useful because it contains casein to get slow the digestion of protein in the body. The protein shakes in the body needs to take longer time to digest. You are feeling saturated for longer time. It enables to fight for the eating desire and break rules of velocity diet plans. The limitation of calorie assumption should be done by doing lifting exercises minimally three times per a week.

Benefits of Velocity Diet

Every kind of diet absolutely has some distinct advantages. It applies for velocity diet program. Because it takes protein shake for the main food consumption, it contains solid nutrition values. With hemp seed and fish oil, it is used to supply healthy fats with protein and carbohydrate to the body. The plan of weight loss with this diet program also places the pressure to lifting exercises to help in building muscles and improve boy fitness. If it is followed properly, this diet program promises to lose pounds and weight quickly especially to train your patience in losing weight

Is it Safe or Not?

When you decided to take a certain diet program, you absolutely try to consider safety of the diet. Some experts have claimed that it is fairly safe for being applied in shorter time. It is because this diet belongs to diet that should consume liquid food. It makes you lack of solid food in which it is probably feeling hard for the first time to apply this diet program. The lack of solid food makes it unhealthy and difficult to follow some principles. The success of velocity diet depends on the consumption of protein shake and food supplements to lose weight. So, try to prepare yourself to implement this diet program.


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